Joshua Eric Conner

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NOVEMBER 8, 1982-NOVEMBER 30, 1996

Some times . . . GOD places extraordinary people in our lives and allows us to catch a glimpse of his absolute love for us.

Some times . . . time passes so quickly that we try to grasp every possible moment and hold it forever in the very depths of our heart and soul.

Some times . . . our bodies grow weary, but the Spirit still leads us onward to a more peaceful existence.

Some times . . . LOVE really is enough to heal all wounds.    

Some times . . . a smile sweeps over my face, and gently blends with grievious tears as I remember . . .

                            Joshua's smile   

5J Farm is lovingly dedicated in memory of our son Joshua, who dearly loved the petting zoos that he visited during his short time on this earth. He now enjoys the glories of heaven and all that GOD has created for him there.